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  • Bethany Vineyards
    Clark County, Washington - Owner and winemaker, Walt Houser, is selflessly helping Michele out with getting the vineyard going.
  • Bodegas Familia Antonietti
    San Martin, Mendoza, Argentina - Andrés Antonieti and his daughter Betiana toured Liz and Jay around a few of the smaller vineyards in Mendoza before lunching with their whole family at their newly opened winery. We were their first guests.
  • Hanna Winery
    Healdsburg, CA - This is the beautiful Alexander Valley winery where Liz and Jay were married in 1999.
  • hip CHICKS do WINE
    Portland, Oregon - An urban winery in an industrial section of Portland. Very fun group and a ton of special events.
  • Rusty Grape Vineyards
    Clark County, Washington - just down the road from Michele.
  • Shinn Estate
    Mattituck, Long Island, New York - Barbara Shinn and David Page run a small Long Island winery as a model for biodiverse farming practices. I helped harvest the rose' in the fall of 06'with their new winemaker Juan Eduardo Micieli-Martinez.

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Sunday, 20 May 2007


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Ak -- grapes from California (or more likely wine made in California and shipped to NY for bottling) passed off as "Brooklyn" wine. Have they no shame?!?!?! I hear this is a much more common practice than the wine drinking public knows, the wine industry's "dirty little secret." You think you're buying local, but really you're buying CA wine with a local label. Humph!

a byproduct of overplanting in the 'good' years...the juice gotta go somewhere and i'm sure they don't want to ship it to Welch's.

Actually, quite the contrary is true. The manufacturer, creator, company and owner are all from Brooklyn. At this point, they're only available in Brooklyn ( and they're created uniquely for Brooklyn. This blend (Feliz) doesn't exist anywhere else, so it's signature of Brooklyn. Brooklyn's mayor even proclaimed it as the official wine of Brooklyn.

I don't believe the origin of the materials makes a product less signature for Brooklyn. Consider that the universal symbol of NYC (the Statue of Liberty) was created in France. Does that make it any less about New York?

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